Database/Web Integration Bevtec Communications Ltd can offer an extensive range of services related to creating web content from databases. We have many years experience to draw on and can base our work on many of the industry standard databases including Oracle and MySQL. We can also offer database and communications-related bespoke programming services in C and Perl.
NTSC & PAL Standard Definition Digital Video Bevtec Communications Ltd is extensively equiped with the resources to duplicate, edit and capture NTSC and PAL video material from high quality 525-line and 625-line Standard Definition Professional and Prosumer Digital Video formats such as DVCAM, full-size DV and MiniDV. We also provide a range of related services including providing analogue video copies on either NTSC SuperVHS or VHS, DVD Mastering services and hiring out of a range of 525-line and 625-line DVCAM machines ranging from studio players through to NLE (Non-Linear Editing) feeder decks. We can also offer a range of video and photographic lighting equipment, audio recording equipment and the like.
DVD Mastering Services Bevtec Communications Ltd can offer low-cost DVD mastering services of video material taken from Professional Digital Video formats in either NTSC or PAL. We have extensive experience of the whole mastering process and can produce discs with a wide range of features and advise on specialist applications such as interactive video training.
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