The Budd Rail Diesel Car (RDC)

Wilton Scenic Railroad, Wilton NH - Sep 2003

After the end of BC Rail's passenger service, two former BC Rail Budd Cars, BC-15 (an RDC-1) and BC-30 (an RDC-3) were acquired by the newly formed Wilton Scenic Railroad in Wilton, New Hampshire. The Wilton Scenic Railroad openned for business in the spring of 2003 with these two Budd RDCs as it's sole passenger equipment. By all accounts, the new Railroad had a successful first season and brought a significant influx of visitors to the sleepy town it calls home. The line is pleasantly picturesque with a regional park making a pleasant end-of-the-line reversing point, some dozen or so miles in a westerly direction out of Wilton. Wilton itself is in southern New Hampshire, a little west of Nashua - it's a couple of hours drive from Boston MA.

All Photos: © Copyright Bevis R W King 2003 - All Rights Reserved.

BC-15 in action: the picture on the left is RDC-1 #BC-15 returning across the grade crossing at the edge of Wilton with the morning run. Right, BC-15 stands ready to depart from the Provincial Park - currently the North-western end of the route.

RDC-3 #BC-30 viewed from along the tracks towards Bennington - this point is currently as far as the Wilton Scenic Railroad operates. The engineer informed me that the track is in worse condition beyond this point, and anyway the Provincial Park makes a good reversing point on the route. The other shot is looking forward towards Bennington along the side of BC-30.

Two more shots of BC-15 at the Provincial Park stop.

One of the lakes viewed along the railroad line

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