The Budd Rail Diesel Car (RDC)

BC Rail's Cariboo Prospector - Apr 2002

Photos of BC Rail's now discontinued Cariboo Prospector passenger service between North Vancouver and Lilooet. For nearly fifty years, this was a mainstay of the Budd RDCs, operating daily from North Vancouver, along the Howe Sound, through Whistler, and up to Lilooet in the magnificent Fraser River Canyon. On this wet April morning in 2002, BC-31 and BC-15 were being prepared for departure from North Vancouver station. On this day, the service was effectively a return working to Lilooet, with no Northbound or Southbound connections to/from Prince George. Over the winter of 2001/2, the service to Prince George was reduced to twice-weekly. The third weekly service to Prince George was restored for the final summer.

Photos of the same two units operating in Sept 2002 out of Prince George on one of the final services can be found here.
Photos of BC-15 operating with another former BC Rail RDC3, BC-30, at their new home on the Wilton Scenic Railroad can be found here.

All Photos: © Copyright Bevis R W King 2002 - All Rights Reserved.

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