The Queen's Golden Jubilee Street Party - 4th June 2002

The occasion of the Golden Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the 4th of June 2002 saw a street party on the green in front of our house. I took the occasion to set up my G-scale layout and run a number of trains. Despite the rain, the party was a great success and everyone seemed to enjoy seeing the trains running. (* click on image for bigger version)

This picture shows the main yard. The layout was operated in four isolated sections - the main running loop, the two passing loops and the siding. An LGB power switch was used to select which received power from the single transformer. The points (switches) were all powered and wired in allowing pretty much complete control of train operation from the blue umbrella!

The train on the main line consists of an LGB 2095 Austrian Bo-Bo Diesel, two LGB 3267 Furka Oberalp second class coaches and an LGB 30660 Furka Oberalp panorama coach. In the passing loop is a 29 year old LGB 2010 Salzgammergut 0-4-0T tank engine, two LGB 3010 Salzgammergut passenger coaches and an LGB brown box car. In the siding is an LGB 2061 Furka Oberalp Schoema shunter, a Bachmann Spectrum Lynton and Barnstable railway Baldwin 2-4-2T tank engine and a rake of eight LGB 4040S/40402 RhB Shell tankers.

This photo shows the main running loop with the express passenger train running at full speed. This is the first time I've had a chance to build a full running loop with my LGB R3 curves and entirely R3 points. Despite this a neighbour's son-in-law who brought his own gauge 1 live steam engine (an LMS 4F compound 0-6-0 freight loco) was unable to get it to navigate the track.

It would have been nice if my Aristocraft RDC in BC Rail colours (Canadian special edition) had made it in time but with two days of public holidays and a weekend, it wasn't delivered until the following day. Oh well.

Here is the LGB 2095 running with the three Furka Oberalp coaches. I know it's not prototypical, but at least they're the same gauge and there aren't that many miles between the lines they respectively call home! I still think it makes a nice train and hope to extend the set in due course to include a second panorama coach and maybe the new LGB first class normal style coach announced for 2002. There has certainly been a bit of a drought in LGB Furka Oberalp colors during the last ten years or so. After getting my first 3267 in Berne in Switzerland in 1991, it was ages until I managed to acquire it a partner. I eventually managed to find one at the Hartmann Model Railroad in North Conway, New Hampshire, USA.

And here is my trusty LGB 2010 pulling a small passenger train. I've now had this loco 29 years and it still runs beautifully. It's only ever needed it's contact sliders replacing in all those years. Here it is pulling two 3010 coaches and a brown box car. A typical narrow gauge passenger consist, especially for a small little loco like a 0-4-0T.

Here's the big Austrian class 2095.11 again (LGB 2095N), this time heading up a rake of eight RhB Shell oil tanker wagons (LGB 4040S/40402). This is my main freight consist and although people mutter about it being all the same, I think the bright yellows make for a dramatic and attractive train out there on the tracks.

And here's a second shot of the Austrian 2095.11 (LGB 2095N) and it's rake of RhB Shell oil tankers (LGB 4040S/40402). This photo was entered into a contest and so wasn't added until later. It didn't win. :-(

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