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Live Stream South

Live Stream South

Live Streaming And Video Production from our new venture, leavaging all our years of experience with Digital Media to offer a high quality, multi- camera live streaming and video production service for the widest range of events and applications. With our portable studio equiped with compact 4K UHD (2160p50/60) cameras, we can provide the very highest quality livestream or video production provision whatever your application.

StorNext Consultancy

The Quantum StorNext Parallel Distributed File System is the fastest in the world for Video Workloads ( click here for more details) and we have over seven years experience of installing, comissioning and managing it. Whether you're using a small appliance or a massive redundant Xcellis cluster with Multi-Mount, we can help!
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Adult Web CMS Services

WACS (click here) is the leading Open Source Web content management system for Adult web sites. We have many years of experience of customising it for specific clients needs, supporting it and adding custom enhancements. Contact us for more information.

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